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Achieving Exceptional Execution Through B2B Integration

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MessageWay: Easy and Affordable B2B Integration

The average B2B integration solution is expensive, complicated, and often requires a team of high-priced consultants. MessageWay is anything but average; a high-performance file transfer service and integration solution that’s affordable, easy-to-maintain, and integrates seamlessly with your organization’s existing infrastructure.

Designed for mid-market companies and large enterprise departments, MessageWay offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:  

  • High-performance file transfer and integration: MessageWay puts you in complete control over file transferring and processing. With clustering, load balancing, and disaster recovery, MessageWay can also help you eliminate bottlenecks by enabling you to direct actionable files to specific business applications precisely when they’re needed.
  • Immediate visibility and control: With MessageWay, you can coordinate and monitor all file transfers in real-time across multiple servers and domains. The software comes with “one-click” file lifecycle reporting that provides centralized visibility into the full file transfer history, making it easy to meet regulatory and audit requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  • Streamline critical business interactions: MessageWay makes it easy for businesses to create automated, content-driven workflows and to control the unique processing requirements of every file exchanged with partners, including provisioning, routing, scheduling and versioning (with version rollback). You can also get real-time alerts to improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Seamless B2B integration: Leverage MessageWay without abandoning your existing communication protocols, formats, scripts, process flows, or custom programs. The solution easily integrates into existing directory, messaging and security infrastructures, and offers several APIs that provide programmatic access to all MessageWay services.
  • Transformation of files and messages: MessageWay prepares data for destination-ready file delivery, flexibly translating data between common file formats and eliminating the need for intermediate formats. As a result, organizations can integrate B2B files in real time between enterprise systems and partner communities.
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and upgrade: MessageWay eliminates the costs and hassles of hiring third-party consultants by making it easy for DevOps or other in-house specialists to deploy, integrate and upgrade the software. As with all Ipswitch products, training materials and telephone/email support are available 24/7. 

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